We produce several public workshops each year here is what is on our schedule for 2018. Alternatively, we can organise a custom workshop for your organisation or group.


Take Control

A workshop for gaining the control you want in your life

Sue Henry’s life was never meant to be about murder. Her fathers’ life wasn’t meant to end like that. Sue was a confident and capable woman with a business she loved, a great social network and happy relationships.

In a heartbeat one phone call changed everything. Her father had been violently assaulted and was not expected to live. Beaten so severely, her father remained in a coma for four months. He eventually passed from his injuries. What started out as assault suddenly became murder, thrusting Sue into an unfamiliar and confronting world.

In the years since her father died Sue has gone through the devastating journey of the loss of everything, financial ruin and a bitter fight for her fathers estate.

During the unbearable challenges she developed a profound and deep understanding of humanity, alcoholism, family violence and why people hurt one another. More importantly she discovered how to emotionally survive.

In this enlightening and inspiring presentation Sue shares her very personal story and leads the audience through the practical fundamentals of:

  • Understanding Others
  • Failure and how to move forward
  • Self Care
  • Emotional resilience
  • Living the life you really want


You’re going to be OK – How to master the unwritten rules of life.

Sometimes life can feel like it’s spinning out of control and you are not sure that you will ever get your equilibrium back. In this insightful and practical workshop we explore the 7 Unwritten Rules Of Life so that you can gain some perspective, take some practical action and pull your life back to a place where you feel like you are in control and understand that regardless of what is going on you will be OK.

Being Your Best

Do you want to live your best life? The Being You Best workshop is designed to connect you with your overall well-being and introduce you to the tools and resources that help to break any unhelpful patterns that we easily fall into. During the day we explore five key concepts that enhance our approach to living the life we really want to.

The Shark Cage®

The Shark Cage® is a group program based on the metaphor of life being like the ocean.  In it most fish and dolphins are friendly and respectful. However, there are also sharks that are not friendly or respectful. In fact, sharks choose to hunt, attack and hurt friendly fish. We humans can be the same. The Shark Cage® provides participants with a language and set of resources to readily identify and manage the impact from the sharks in their lives or businesses.

Choose Happy

There are days when you just have to draw a line in the sand and put yourself first. Choose Happy is a day designed to help you appreciate life, indulge in good food, have a laugh and take some time out to take a deep breath from the everyday pressures and demands of life. Choose Happy is an activity based day, depending on the participants it may be centred around cooking, golf, walking, tennis, cruising on a boat, making cocktails or simply indulging in good conversation over a long lunch.



Custom workshops

Workshops are an excellent way to delve into a topic that can initiate change within your organisation, all Sue’s workshops are designed with your specific needs in mind, her training materials, tools and resources can be tailored or adapted depending upon the desired outcomes of the workshops. Sue uses a simple four step process for developing workshops.

  • Stage 1. Meet & Discuss

    Meet and work with Sue to determine what your exact needs are and what the best solution to that need is. During this stage Sue may request to speak with some of your team to get ‘insiders’ knowledge from the teams perspective to what their needs are.

  • Stage 2. Design & Develop

    Sue will design a suitable workshop to meet your needs, she will develop course materials and learning solutions that are practical, easy to implement and fun.

  • Stage 3. Deliver

    Depending on your needs the delivery component can consist of a single workshop (1 hour, 1/2 day, full day) or a series of sessions over a set time frame.

  • Stage 4. Consolidation

    Implementation of any form of learning is the critical step in growth, all of Sue’s workshops come with action plans, follow up strategies and ongoing learning to consolidate what has been covered in the workshop.

"Thanks for an invigorating session. The inclusion of such practical exercises was great - so many sessions like these can be info-fests when what you really need to do is try things out. Well done! You really got the room working so people took something away with them" - M W, NSRC

Some popular workshop topics include:
  • Get Customers, Be Happy
  • Engaging Customers In Todays Social Media Savvy World
  • Being Your Best At Work
  • Mastering Sales In 2018
  • Articulating Your Uniqueness
  • Moving From Unbearable To Unbreakable
  • Be A Presentation Super Star
  • Team Work Makes The Dream Work