Are you ready to unlock
true happiness in your life?

There are two essential keys that will assist you to unlock true happiness 1. understanding and 2. perspective.

Once applied these two keys will help you to move past the things that are stopping you from being happy and towards the things that you really want.

Here’s an example of how these two keys impact on an everyday activity ...

Have you ever been reading a book and re-read the same sentence or paragraph multiple times because something just did not seem right with it? It might have been a word that you are unfamiliar with or a concept that is foreign to you. So your brain kept re-reading, until finally something became clear and you were then able to continue reading without disruption or repetitiveness.

Generally speaking, this happens because the human brain cannot move past something that it does not understand. Only when it understands and gains perspective can it then move forward.

Life’s upsets, traumas, hurts and pain are like that section in the book, if we cannot understand them and gain perspective then we cannot move forward with our lives. (This by no means condones poor behavior by others, it is simply a structure that can help the brain to move forward).

In our new e-book Unlocking True Happiness we not only a practical way to apply these two keys but provide you with 10 additional elements that work together to help you move forward.

Specifically the guide will assist you to:

  • Unlock the powers of perspective, acceptance and willingness to form clear direction in your life
  • Learn how to express gratitude, courage and laughter to overcome stress and anxiety
  • Use questions to gain understanding and control over a situation

I was moved yet inspired by ‘Unlocking True Happiness’. Sue has taken her horrific life experience and turned into a desire to help others through her learnings and personal development. This book has not been written by a victim, it has been written by one very strong survivor who has learned that happiness not hatred is the way forward. ‘Unlocking True Happiness’ is full of practical tips that will help anyone who feels they are holding onto resentment and unable to let go. I thoroughly recommend it.

- Carolyn, NSW Australia

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