Get With ItWelcome to Get With It – How to keep smiling in business and life podcast with Sue Henry

Our podcast explores the everyday issues we face in communicating with one another in business and life. We discuss a variety of topics to gain insights into human behaviour from forgiveness, perspective, apology, gratitude, responsibility, mindfulness, fun, relationships and a stack of others.

We ‘d love to get to know you and hear your thoughts as we publish each episode.

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Episode 1. Meet Sue Henry

Listen in as broadcaster Suzy Yates and I Forgive You founder Sue Henry discuss how the I Forgive You app and concept came about, how Sue developed “The Responsibility Project” as a set of guidelines to live life by and hear what Sue has discovered that can help you.

Episode 2. When Customer Service Sucks

Listen in as broadcaster Suzy Yates and Sue Henry discuss the issues of customer service in today's socially savvy world, it's impact on sales and how simple old fashioned courtesy can go a long way.

Episode 3. Aloha - More Than Just A Greeting

Listen in as Sue Henry interviews US based Lanai Tabura host of Cooking Hawaiian Style as they discuss the traditional meaning of the word ALOHA.

Episode 4. Forgiving Yourself First

Listen in as Sue Henry interviews US based Laurie Marie, Body Love Coach and Photographer teaching women from around the world "to love the skin you're in".

Episode 5. The life business of recovery and no it is not debt collection

Listen in as Sue Henry interviews Australian based Sharon Langshaw, a Recovery and Life Coach specialist coaching, teaching, advising and leading men and women from around the globe in their recovery journey.

Episode 6. Living Life By Design

Listen in as Sue Henry interviews USA based Coach Adam Cobb, a Health and Wellness Coach specialising in coaching, teaching, advising people how to live a life by design rather than one by default.