Collaboration For Business Success

leaderCollaboration in business is rapidly becoming the new ‘norm’ for doing business and is giving small business the competitive advantage in this ever changing, socially engaging and tight economic market.

Collaboration occurs when two or more people come together for a predetermined way to market a product/service, run an event, sponsorship or increase the sales opportunities for all involved.

Successful collaboration is built on a high level of trust, a shared set of values and above all responsibility of all parties to do their bit. This is what we like to call, “Staying above the line.”

Three Keys To Successful Collaboration

  1. The Right Project
    Collaboration doesn’t work for everything. Assess the relevance of the project and its impact on your business before you agree to collaborate with others. There could be short, mid or long term impacts to your business, time and/or investment.
  2. The Right People
    Selecting the right people to collaborate with is the glue that holds a collaborative project together. Select on shared values, mutual benefit, growth opportunities and above all listen closely to your gut.
  3. The Right Rules
    Where there are no rules people will make up their own. Ensure you set clear boundaries, objectives, wills, won’ts, dos and don’ts about the project so that everyone knows where they stand and what is expected of them.

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