Are you ready to let go of your frustrations and learn to genuinely enjoy life?

You know how there is no magic pill available to take away emotional pain, disappointment, anger, frustration, betrayal and hurt?

That really sucks. And life would be much simpler if you could do that. The strangely beautiful part of life is that we get the opportunity to learn from those things.

The reality is the emotional pain, disappointment, anger, frustration, betrayal and hurt do not go away on their own. The good news is you can minimise the impact they have on your life.  The single most powerful skill you have is the ability to  understand them and gain perspective.

I work with people to help them to gain that perspective and understanding of their life situations and circumstances.  Once you have understanding and perspective you can then choose how to best live the life you really want.

In fact many of the people I work with tell me that the greatest gift they receive from working with me is being able to genuinely smile again.


Regardless of whether we end up working together or not here are three key aspects to keep in mind:

1. There must be likability and authenticity, both parties need to approach the arrangement as a willing partnership.
2. There must be skill, knowledge and application. Your coach needs to be able to demonstrate their expertise.
3. There must be a structure with flexibility built in (importantly the sessions must be practical and enjoyable).

I have found that no one way of coaching works for everyone so I tailor each session to the specific needs of that person. Like any coach I can guide you, offer a way for you to gain insights and provide the framwork for you to gain perspective and understanding, however, I cannot do the work for you. I have found for any lasting change to occur in life there are two essentials:

1. You must have a willingness to be honest with yourself and

2. You need to take action everyday.

I use a fairly straightforward and practical approach when working with clients. I’m quick thinking on my feet and adaptable.

Using my techniques have helped in numerous areas of my own life over the years, everything from exercise regimes to weight loss, relationships, travel, business and social activities. Most recently I used the techniques to navigate my way through some very challenging and traumatic events surrounding my family. During our coaching session(s) I will teach you how to self-coach so that you have the resources to acess at any time you need them.

I offer coaching sessions by phone, video call (zoom), or face to face.

If you have had enough of the frustration and pain in your life then I suggest we set up a call to have a chat and see if this could be a good working relationship, at worst I can point you in the right direction if we are not a good fit.

I look forward to meeting and chatting with you. Sue 🙂

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