She is an adaptable and versatile small business consultant, marketer, speaker, author and presenter that has spoken to hundreds of organisations, groups and community gatherings for more than 20 years.

Sue brings a plethora of experience to her clients, workshops, retreats and presentations, and has worked in and for most industries.

If  there is one thing she has discovered in her career, it is that building and maintaining relationships and strong networks are the cornerstones of successful business building, career advancement and achieving goals.

Sue is a master of asking the right questions, bringing clarity and solutions to business challenges and making everyone with whom she speaks feel good. Her clients often report outstanding results. It’s not unusual for profit to grow by 3000%.  Sue’s effect includes multiple clients winning multiple awards, free publicity or media coverage for their businesses, successful expansion via new staff, additional product and service streams etc.  All report the process as easy going, fun and customised.

Sue has a special gift is the way she consumes information and interprets life experience as custom lessons. She can take a piece of information, file it away and when it’s time she can weave that information into a meaningful and timely story or catalyst for change.

Her relaxed, honest manner is infectious to all audiences from global executives and politicians to party revelers and even prisoners.


Sue is curious by nature and is often ahead of small business marketing trends, well informed on strategies in business and life. She is the “go-to” person for her clients and the media.


Sue’s life revolves around her family, friends and having a few good laughs. She is enthusiastic about life, a dedicated Sydney Swans supporter, a champion for indigenous health issues and a huge advocate for supporting families affected by crime.


In Jan 2012 tragedy struck Sue’s family when her 72-year-old father was severely attacked in his home. It was almost 3 months before he regained consciousness and subsequently passed away a month later. The events during those four months and the months since rattled her thinking, challenged her beliefs and forced her to take a good hard look at her life. (Read the full story here)

The ensuing five years have been peppered with a roller coaster ride of the NSW judicial system, emotional turmoil, heartbreak, loss, a crisis of confidence and the discovery of true happiness unlocking a new life purpose, an understanding of the value of forgiveness and a deep love for the kindness we humans have within us.

Sue has navigated the last five years by continuing to learn and apply the knowledge she had as a business owner and motivational speaker. Her curiosity for understanding what drives people, how they communicate and what determines human behaviour have led her to develop a new life philosophy she refers to as The Responsibility Project, two mobile apps (I Forgive You and The Joy Principle) and a range of workshops and retreats to help others.

In Sue’s pursuit of happiness she discovered that in order

While what happened to Sue’s family has been traumatic, she is determined to not let this define who she is or take away the hopes and dreams her father had for her.