suehenryv1Here at Sue Henry there are no blueprints, no formulas, no funnels, 7 steps or contrived marketing speak, just some good old fashioned ‘what works’ insights and advice.

Don’t get me wrong these things all have value in their own right and in the correct context for your business.  I’ve even been known to use some of those headlines at times.

In the 20+ years I’ve been in business consulting there are three common things that I see that make people in business successful.

1. A well thought out and executed communication strategy.

2. A good personal support network for business and life.

3. A thirst for knowledge to continually improve both business and life skills.


Sue Henry is the person you want in your business contacts list.  She knows people.  She  knows how to engage a customer.  She is a well connected networker.  She knows how to innovate.  She knows how to take an idea or product to market. You need to know her because she has vision, answers and resources that others don’t.
– Lamese Larney, Words And Pictures