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  • Sue Henry professional presenter

  • Sue Henry business educator and trainer

  • Sue Henry Advocate for a better community

“Sue Henry is the person you want in your business contacts list.  She knows people.  She  knows how to engage a customer.  She is a well connected networker.  She knows how to innovate.  She knows how to take an idea or product to market. You need to know her because she has vision, answers and resources that others don’t.”
- Lamese Larney, Words And Pictures


Sue Henry professional presenter

Inspiring  Funny  Informative


Sue is a practical, entertaining, informative and inspirational. She is a versatile presenter that can provide keynotes, MC, workshops and breakout sessions. Gifted with being able to immediatley assess what an audience needs she is quick in her thinking, responsive to changes, timely and relevant in todays world of buiness.

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“Sue has an engaging presentation style and miraculous talent for encouraging interaction and for motivating attendees”
- Aust Direct Marketing Association


Sue Henry business educator and trainer

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Sue Henry has been in training and staff development for over 20 years providing programs in sales, networking, customer service, team building, communication skills and much more.
Sue is passionate about leading people to learn more, improve their skill sets and enjoy the work they do with the skills they love and are best at.

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Sue Henry Advocate for a better community

Compassionate  Caring  Action Taker



Sue’s life revolves around family, friends and having a few good laughs. She is passionate about life, a dedicated Sydney Swans supporter, a champion for indigenous health issues and a huge advocate for supporting familes affected by crime.

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